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Welcome to 80s And More

Welcome to our website, we are still working on adding more features as the weeks go on.

So you may be asking, who are 80s And More? Well we are an Independent stations and have been around for a few years now playing the best 80s Tunes we can find.

What makes us different from other 80s stations? You may well ask, we set out to play 80s Hits from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, we have a huge library of 80s music from pop to rock, to disco to dance. Most of our material comes primarily from CD, but some of the harder to find tunes that we play come from vinyl records. We have scoured the continents for great 80s music and we are still searching for more 80s music to add to our ever growing play list which stand at 10,000 tracks.

You would need to listen to our station for 17 days non-stop, 24 hours each day before a track is repeated. If you just dip in and out for a couple of hours each day, then the chances of hearing the same track reduces even further, and we are not finished yet, there's much more to be added, including some great original 80s 12" tracks

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